Jan 12, 2010

Hello World! Meet Floyd and The Gifts Project

So who is Floyd? Why Floyd? What is he up to?
Floyd is a caring friend, conscientious member of the society, an active member of the giving community and a Pro Gifter. He is here to teach us to become good friends and awesome Gifters, and he is an integral part of The Gifts Project.

Close-up of Christmas presents
The idea behind The Gifts Project is to provide a new fun way to enable real group gifts where everyone can chip in for their friends. This way, the desired gift doesn’t have to be expensive for anyone anymore. To make things simple, a person who has a special occasion coming up, picks her desired gift on www.giftsproject.com and hopes for the best. Meanwhile, her buddies discover her wish and each can participate in her gift without stretching their budget.

My friends – @rongura, @matanbar, @erezdickman and I @mayagura have been working for a while now to launch The Gifts Project. When we set out to build this application, we took a deep look on the existing ways to create group gifts and wanted to twig them. We worked hard to develop something new and different so people could get the gifts they always wanted instead of repetitive virtual messages. The result is a simple, easy to use, free and definitely the best way we know to chip in for gifts.

This blog is simply about gifts. After years of extensive experience organizing group gifts offline, we hope to share our knowledge, and tips with you and spread love and happiness among your friends. From now on, if you need any advice related to gifts or surprises – our gifting community will be here for you.

You are welcome to join us and enjoy giving and receiving the best gifts ever – because you choose them. The Gifts Project absolutely loves feedback. Feel free to say hi@giftsproject.com or follow us on twitter @giftsproject.

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