Feb 5, 2010

10 tips for absolutely the best Gifter

Who is the best Gifter and what makes her an expert?

Many people state that 'as long as the intention was good, the gift is less important'. Well, I am going to challenge it. Personally, i believe that gifting is not for everybody - it's for people who actually like gifting and are capable of being selfless and thoughtful at times. I don't think this statement works in the gifting situation, because in order to really make someone happy with their gift, you need to research, and have basic understanding of the recipient's personality. Having said that, many people refer to the gifting process as an obligation they need to fulfill the best they can. That is completely fine and socially acceptable, however doesn't necessarily indicate a 'good intention'.

To support the Gifters who are willing to invest some of their attention to the gifting process, we have gathered here some of our best advice for gifting:

1. At times, when you walk the street and bump into an item that screams “Joe” – Get it for Joe! It may seem like you’ll have plenty of opportunities to buy it later, or find something nicer, however the reality is that you won’t. So why wait? Get it and hold on to it until the right moment comes, and believe me Joe would be grateful.

2. When you buy/make someone a present, you should always focus on their interests / desires / wants instead of their main practice in life / profession. So if Joe is a Veterinarian – obviously you shouldn’t get him a dog doll despite the fact that he loves animals, but maybe more like a tie / cologne / sexy underwear to make him feel more muscular :)
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3. Avoid being superstitious in gifting, and don’t assume based on stereotypes. A stay at home mom doesn’t necessary want a new set of pots; she might want a book on how to start your own business. As well as a CEO of a company doesn’t want for his B-day a new book on leadership skills, but more of a massage package to get away and relax.

4. Avoid focusing on your personal taste! It’s not about you this time; it’s about their special occasion and who they are. So if you don’t like a yellow color – deal with it, however Joe may love it – and his taste comes first.

5. Think out of the box. If possible, get something they wouldn’t have gotten for themselves anyhow. It’s nicer to get something you really want than something you really need (unless they cannot afford the needed item and really want it). For example – if Joe needs to purchase a book for his school – it wouldn’t be probably the best gift if you get it first as a B-day gift. The idea is to stick to added value and an element of a surprise.
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6. Don’t count hand in hand; it will pay off much better if you are generous and not counting the pennies to break even with Joe’s gift last year. Pettiness has never contributed to our relationships.

7. Always purchase gifts according to your budget. Although at times you feel very generous (maybe the person was extra nice to you or you got a bonus) still keep it to your budgeting limits, you will regret spending too much money later. Gifting should be always truthful and wholehearted. It is much more important than impressing someone with an overly expensive gift, and also embarrassing at times for the gift receiver.
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8. If you are completely lost, and out of ideas, get a gift card, you must know something about your friend’s hobbies or interests to make him happy even without a dazzling gift (iTunes/Apple gift card always works for me). You might be surprised, but in 2009 the most wanted holiday gift was gift cards. According to a recent study, 55% of consumers hoped to receive gift cards.

9. Take notes when it happens! When Joe mentions stuff he wants, or you detect a need by yourself – make a note, you never know, but it might become very handy one day, especially when you are out of ideas.

10. Check out online if they have a wishlist or a Gifts Project account, maybe you’ll find out exactly what they want. In that case, simply chip in! It’s the greatest, easiest, affordable way to make your friends happy!

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