Mar 6, 2010

10 rules of Pro Gifting

Do –

1. Always get your partner a gift on your anniversary / special occasion / Valentines Day. It can be something small, a cute funny greeting card, but don’t skip it, it’s a life changer.
2. Try to plan ahead – it will be more thoughtful and cheaper!
3. If you like sending flowers - always test your source and their flowers – the flowers on pictures can look very different in reality.
4. When you look for a gift – try to enjoy it. It’s one of those small opportunities to make people around us happy even if it’s not the most unique, bright or exclusive gift.
5. When you’re not sure what to get, you can always get a random item (perfume) at one of your friend’s favorite shops and get a gift note (if you are not comfortable enough with a gift card), so she could replace it. It’s simple, easy and works!

Don’t –

1. Don’t forget your mother’s and your partner’s B-day date. Make sure it’s listed on your calendar, and get prescheduled annual reminders. You can use a FB Calendar or any other reminder service. It’s fairly easy nowadays to keep records of the special occasions of the people in your life.
2. Don’t ever get the same gift twice, not even for two different friends. If they find out, it might get awkward.
3. Don’t regift. It might sound like a good cost-effective idea where everyone might be happy, but the bad scenario is not worth it, believe me - it can get pretty ugly.
4. Don’t overpay. If you regret it, you might feel bad later, and blame your friend even without noticing it. Remain truthful to yourself and your budget.
5. Don’t forget adding a greeting card, your personal note can make a difference.

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