Mar 1, 2010

How to throw the best surprise party?

The birthday day is approaching and you are not sure how can you make your friend happy on their special occasion. Except for the really low % of people who don’t like surprises, most of the people will be thrilled to see their beloved friends on their b-day. Let’s make it happen and have some fun while doing it!
Surprise party

1. Pick a date. It’s always better to throw a surprise party before the actual b-day date. This way the surprise is much bigger. It can also be right after, but preferably not on the actual b-day date because they will be expecting it then the most.
2. Make a list of invitees based on their FB account or their cell contacts. Don’t leave tracks behind you!
3. If you aren’t close friends with special person’s friends- find someone trust worthy to help you gather the information, the names and contact details.
Woman Carrying Birthday Cake

4. Use FB events to manage the attendees’ list, but be careful with confidentiality - your friend might see it on their news feed. You can also use and create your own evite. But obviously be careful, the b-day person cannot be invited.
5. Never tell anyone until two weeks before the actual event. Two weeks is a decent notice for people who want to come.
6. Have plan A and plan B to distract the person on the evening of the event. It should be something he expects to do on that day, nothing too odd or suspicious.
7. Make sure people behave in the same way they normally do next to him on the day of his b-day and before the event. There is absolutely no point making someone feel lonely and neglected in order to surprise him.
8. On the special date, make sure people don’t park right outside the venue where the event takes place. Put a warning on the evite, and on the reminders.
9. Always follow up with your guests. A week before your event- send out a follow up email. A few days before your event- get a final count.
10. Bring a camera and have someone to capture this glorious moment.
11. In order to really make the best out of it – make sure you all chip in for the gift the b-day person dreamed about. You can always use It’s free!
Friends at Birthday Party

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