May 7, 2010

Give the Gift of Life

This morning i receive a Google Alert about a very unique group gift, a gift of life.

While fully occupied with other group gifts and our loyal users, this alert has drawn my attention immediately. The link lead me to The Philadelphia Jewish Voice article "Hope from Trauma". This article is about loss, love and gift of Amy Kaufman who tragically lost her 17 year old daughter in a car accident and discovered that her daughter, Shauna, wanted to be a donor. However, Shauna's wish could not be fulfilled due to some technical and bureaucratic reasons which Amy decided to successfully fight.

This is how i learned about The Gift of Life, Bone Marrow Foundation. Headquartered in Boca Raton, Florida, Gift of Life is one of the nation's public bone marrow, blood stem cell and umbilical cord blood registries. Through its life-saving work, Gift of Life is a world leader facilitating transplants for children and adults suffering from many life-threatening diseases, among them leukemia and lymphoma.

Gift of Life's vision for the future may sound simple: A match. Anytime. Anywhere. For anyone. But its mission is to Give the Gift of Life.

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