May 18, 2010

Graduation Gift Ideas for Parents

They have been working towards the future, and you feel you want to find a graduation gift unlike any other. Many sites and stores offer unique personalized graduation gifts, but do you think these gifts will dazzle them?

Three young men wearing graduation gowns and mortar boards, portrait

One of the most memorable times of our life is college, college sweetheart, college friends, college independence... When you just graduate, you still can not grasp college as one thing you are going to remember and cherish through your entire life. All you want is to see what is out there and your confusion ads up to a big diffused question "who am i now?". This confusion can not be resolved with a gift, no matter how cool the gift is. However, maybe listening, supporting and providing valuable advice can lead the proud graduate to better realize what he really wants for himself. Maybe some practical help with financial planning can be much more valuable than any cool gift? Also, maybe this is a great opportunity to come closer to your children after they have been away for so long and affected primarily by their peers.

Father and son by lake
So here are few ideas how to get closer to your graduate, and show him the way:
1. Take him fishing for two days, camping outdoors. Listen to him, put on his favorite music, learn how he feels, share your own memories from that time, don't preach.

2. Buy him a good personal finance planning book - and go over the important parts together, explaining its importance and providing examples. They don't teach those things in college, even in Economics. When you just graduate, you naturally don't think about 401K or pension, but the earlier you start, the better off you will end up.

3. If you can afford, send him to a trip abroad, maybe a different culture or some perspective can resolve some of the confusion.

4. You can also prepare well towards the graduation day and make a movie / album with the most memorable places and experiences in college - their dorms, best friends, girlfriend, classrooms, their hobbies, whatever it takes. This special gift will accompany them forever, but it takes time and cooperation by close friends.
Teenage graduates throwing caps into air

5. It's possible that your daughter has already decided what she wants, and even accepted a job proposal, but reassure her that she is welcome home anytime, and your house is always open, no matter what she needs. Don't let her tough appearance fool you. She is still young, and doesn't have all the answers.

Good luck dear parent.


  1. I got an ENO Hammock
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  2. looks comfy. thanks! Maybe the father can take his sone camping with ENO Hammock.

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