May 2, 2010

Wedding Group-Gifts

Often the more-expensive items on a wedding registry are dream/luxury wedding gifts that the couple don't believe they're actually going to get. Whether you're crazy enough to buy such a wedding gift on your own, or you convince other guests to chip in together, you'll be making dreams come true.

Following an article "Don't blow your budget on pricey wedding presents" posted on Washington Post by By Cameron Huddleston on Sunday, April 25, 2010, i would like to expand the talk about the benefits of Social Group Gifting.

Plus-sized bride talking on cell phone and holding present
I think that despite the fact that registries take a lot of fun out of buying a creative thoughtful gift, we can still find affordable unique ideas by organizing a group gift. We lately, organized a Group Gift for our friend using The Gifts Project on Facebook. Every registry normally has few overpriced items, and so we picked a Digital Video Camera that will stay with the couple for their 10th anniversary, and shared with many mutual friends and everyone was happy to chip in with any amount they felt comfortable with. Lesley (the bride) was thrilled as she didn't expect anyone to pick on that one, it was definitely a win win.

Here is a brief list of the main benefits of the Collective Wedding Group-Gift:

1. No headache. You pick a big gift from the registry and set up a group gift.
2. You share the details using social and viral tools on The Gifts Project.
3. You chip in with any amount you want and save the awkwardness for everyone.
4. The new wed couple gets a big significant gift that they never imagined they will get.
5. Even those who couldn't attend the wedding could participate in the gift, and feel better with their absence.
6. The Gift is shipped directly to the couple's house, so no hassle for the organizer to go buy it or deliver it.

Everybody happy. Did I miss anything out?


  1. Why not look for a product which offers free worldwide shipping to send it on your behalf in Prague or wherever you like. One unique wedding gift that would be a big hit bought by a group is a LoveStars astrology report for the couple. If you buy it before the wedding, or the boxed gift certificate it's light enough to fit in your suitcase.

  2. Elizabeth, I was trying to find this book for a friend of mine who is getting married soon, is this it: Love Is in the Stars: 'Wicked and Uncensored Astrology Advice for Getting the (Almost) Perfect Guy' or what is the title?

  3. This is a great idea. I'm adding something similar to my wedding registry today.


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