Jun 8, 2010

Is Regifting Bad????

woman disappointed at a gift from a man
Before addressing this important subject of regifting, let's crack first what does it mean. "Regifting" is the act of taking a gift that has been received and giving it to somebody else, sometimes in the guise of a new gift. In the USA, "National Regifting Day" is defined as December 18th. In Canada, eBay marketed "National Re-gifting Week" as December 26th-30th.

Now, did you know that two out of three people admit that they have either regifted or seriously considered to regift? In fact, more than half of adults recently surveyed by Money Management International (MMI) find regifting acceptable. A study determined that giving an unwanted gift you received to someone else (regifting) is not considered as unacceptable as in the past. According to the study, 77% claimed that they decided to regift because the item was better suited for the person who received it. 9% admitted to doing it out of laziness and 4% said they regifted because they did not like the person who was getting the gift.

So what do you think is regifting bad, lame and mean, or it's ok to regift as long as you follow your guts feeling?

Well, I think that regifting is fine. It's not my favorite way of gifting, but sometimes you get this china set from a delusional aunt, and you just absolutely have to get rid of it. It's a bad karma to have something in your house that you can't event look at, certainly not use it, or keep it. Since every pot has its cover, i am certain that this china set will be appreciated better by some of your cheesy friends. Besides, sometimes you just forget/busy and you don't have time to prepare a better gift, and regifting can easily become "better than nothing".

The problem with regifting is that there is a slight chance that the person may find out aboout this, and you should be ready for it, because this chance you are taking might ruin your relationship with the gift receiver. Therefore, you must prepare a touching speech for why you decided to regift that specific gift to her, and it better be GOOD.

However, if your regifting idea comes up because you try to save some bucks, the better idea would be to set up a group gift, and invite everyone to chip in together. This way, you are not only come out generous, but you also save some time and money for your friends!

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  1. Sometimes it's just so obvious that a re-gift has been presented to you. Equally as bad, is a gift you gave someone, being found in the dog bed as extra padding. This actually happened to me. Made me grateful that I did not spend a lot of money. My husband has been given many re-gift shirts (wrong size) by the same person for years. I end up wearing them and having a good laugh every time. I'd rather give you something that some actual thought went into. It really is obvious. When I pass something along, I just say, I can't use this, would you like it? Takes away the pretense.


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