Jul 13, 2010

Do you have enough clean healthy air in your office?

After two weeks in our new and the coolest ever office, it was time to make it greener. Our ambitious engineer, Gartner, was kind enough to educate us on the last year's Ted talk regarding plants in the office space.

Kamal Meattle, a researcher and a longtime activist for cleaning up India's air has presented at Ted Talk, 2009 how with three basic green plants you can grow all the air we need in the office space. The building they have tested the plants at, became the healthiest building in New Delhi, India. Those seemingly magical plants, but actually very common ones are:

1. Areca Palm - a living room plant, which removes CO2 and converts it into oxygen.
2. Mother-in-law's tongue - a bedroom plant, because it convert CO2 into oxygen at night.
3. Money plant - which removes volatile chemicals.

Find out how many plants you need to stimulate enough fresh air per person at work from these plants on this video:

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