Aug 1, 2010

Holiday gifts

Holidays are coming up. Some might say there are a few months, but let's be honest - one holiday or another is always coming your way - before you even notice.

While I was thinking about a good gift for the holidays, bored of the regular stuff one can get for his loved ones, a friend of mine told me about this little Israeli company, which prints detailed high quality photo albums, using a very simple album editing software.

Since I have recently returned from South America where i took way too many photos if you need to go over and filter them (a bit over 3K), I figured I should incentivize myself to do it. Anyone who returns home with so many pictures always wants to share his photos and show them around, but other than a few Facebook uploads - which usually occur during the trip - no one ever gets the time to actually do so!

So I decided to start spending an hour here and there, arranging, cataloging and designing all the photos into a neat album I could show my family and friends once I'm done (if I actually manage to pull off this that only few succeeded in doing) - and who knows - maybe I will be done by the holidays and have an album someone would actually like looking at, without falling asleep!

For now - have a sneak preview of some photos from my future album, hopefully in a month or two, I will show you my complete work!

And don't forget to check out Lupa on - you might find a good idea for your next gift :)

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