Jul 5, 2010

Summer Time - Colors Everywhere

Things have changed. Colors rule our lives everywhere. No more black and white dancing together, but we see colors all around us on the walls (offices and homes), on our electric devices, appliances, cars, bikes, everything. Is it only the summer or a new colorful world is ahead?

While appliances with cool and fun colors have been in European homes for years, it took a while for the rest to accept it. Instead, people continued to buy that white, almond, bisque, or black washer or refrigerator. After all, a refrigerator or washer in those colors is comfortable, what our parents had, and frankly, it's all that's been available. Until now.

Now more than ever, appliance companies have made it easier for you to have a colorful laundry room or kitchen with colorful appliances. For example, at Sears, you can get a Kenmore Elite HE4t front-loading washer and dryer, in pacific blue, spice rum, or almond cream colors and many others, for $1,499 for the washer and $999 for the dryer. Better Homes and Gardens offer you a trend review of colorful appliances this summer.

So why not add a little splash of color? Cuisinart have created a full dedicated homepage showing appliances in summery colorful collection.

Besides appliances, you can download free colorful skins for your IE, your iPhone, your Wii, and you can get a new skin for your MySpace layouts. More than that, you can personalize Your HP Gadgets With Colorful Skins sice HP and SkinIt had teamed up to offer "skinned" products. You can "dress up" a variety of gadgets with a ton of unique designs. For instance, once you find a skin you like, choose the device you want to customize. From cameras to phones, you are able to go creative crazy. You can even create your own skin with the Photo uploader! - thanks geeksugar for the tips.

The question is whether this is an attempt to paint our lives in more lively bright colors, or we are seeking for ways to differentiate ourselves from others in order to feel special and unique? My guess is a little bit of both. Maybe this dilemma popped out for me because i just moved, and i need to redesign my whole life from scratch, but i like colors, especially lime green, and we can all take advantage of living greener life.

Enjoy your summer.

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