Jul 26, 2010

What the hell is a code freeze?

Apparently, when large-scale changes are made to an application, it is recommended that no other changes be made at the same time. This is often called a CODE FREEZE, as the code is frozen, or unable to be changed, until the major changes have been made.
All regular bug fixes have to be done before the code freeze date. However, as we all know, some of the best patches always happen at the last minute....

Code freeze usually also means all currently known bugs will not be fixed and it goes without saying - no new features are added. However, a true "code freeze" where nothing could be changed would be pointless - what if you found a major bug? You couldn't just ignore it, could you?

Ice Cubes in a Glass of Water

Some people call it a code "slush". The main difference between an actual code freeze, and a code "slush" is apparently that code "slush" is when you want to make sure that only critical fixes are actually worked on, however in most cases the critical issues seem to number about two thirds of the total outstanding defects...mmmmm.

I am starting to think that nobody actually freezes their codebase on the day they say they are going to.

And how the hell the code can freeze in this crazy heat?

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