Aug 18, 2010

Humus in a tube

Really? In a tube?

It's kind of like cheese in a can, or butter in a bottle. Hummus has to be one of the most perfect snack foods of all time. We love it spread on bread or pitas any time a day, you can have it as a dip, or as the main dish, you can have it cold or warm, plain or flavored. Kids like it, dogs lick it, BBQing with humus makes any event smooth and yummy.

You can even have it in a bottle:

I think that the tube is very practical, innovative and easy to use, as well as the bottle in the video, however what's really important about humus is not its shape or package, but if it really tastes good?!?

I like my humus fresh and natural. I'd like to have humus on the day its beans were mashed, with garlic, and a bit of lemon, tahini, olive oil, salt and some spice, with no preservatives, served to me on a plate with few pitas on the side, and some green pepper next to it with pickles. That's how i prefer my humus.

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