Aug 12, 2010

Why You Shouldn’t Add Your Teachers As Friends

One of my old friends just liked a new Facebook page: Why You Shouldn’t Add Your Teachers As Friends. Apparently, this is a big issue for group gifting since you need to add your teacher to your friends if you want to organize a group gift for your teacher/coach/professor in case of appreciation gift.

Seems that this subject is controversial in many aspects since within days 2,486 people Liked this page. Unfortunately, this page on Facebook leads to a MUST take survey. This is another 'trick' or opportunity for scam. If you read the fine print - in order to get a response from your results - YOU HAVE TO GIVE THEM YOUR CELL PHONE NUMBER and along with that you are charged $9.99 (per month). It's definitely SCAM.

However, regardless of this page, I do think that the subject is interesting enough to discuss.

I took the freedom to collect few of the responds and here's what i got:
1."Because teachers can look up everything you're doing! & honestly they can ruin your entire school career because of 1 thing on Facebook that wasn't even their business!" - posted by Corryn.

2. "The Singer" thinks otherwise: "First of all, I see no harm in the Facebook relationship that students can have with teachers however, I do believe that a teacher should use common sense and integrity in this regard. I have students who I made my friends but they are limited to what they can see. Personally, I put them in a group and most of my messages to them involve reminders about class assignments, tests, etc. I have automatically signed up to remember their birthdays, and I might comment on things they write about in a positive manner. There is no way to get around the methods that are available for communication these days. People have to learn to get over it. One just has to be careful about what they say and how they say it."

3. Elizabet said: "a girl at our school got expelled for cursing, like once at somebody on Facebook,and they were all joking and stuff, because the teachers saw it as an update. also, since one of my friends added a teacher as a friend, every time she says she's going to do somethin', like watch a movie, the teacher gives extra homework."

I guess teachers can be tricky these days....and we definitely need to limit their access to our personal information, but we also need to consider the circumstances, the personality of the teacher, and your personal relationship with the teacher.

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