Oct 11, 2010

Hiring an admin

This is a nightmare!!!

I've been through this couple of times in my life, but i keep forgetting how painful growth of a start up can be. We are hiring three new people and the interviews are taking half of my day. I am looking for an admin and web developers.

Now, this process is completely different for each position.
With web developers, the routine is to use our connections, post on Linked in, and use specialized HR firms to hire high end sharks. Their CVs come in reasonable amounts like 5-6 a day, and i can definitely sort them by relevancy and invite candidates to meet our legendary CTO - @erezdickman, that will crucify him with his super technical test.
low angle view of an overhead road sign saying now hiring

However, when it comes to the noisy commonplace of finding a decent open minded admin, things go wild. Obviously, we use our connections to spread the word, and so far it works best, but posting this job all around was a big big mistake and i am inundated with resumes of nice ladies who are sick with being an admin, but yet somehow keep coming back to it.

Anyways, I'll keep you posted how it goes, and will appreciate your references.

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