Oct 24, 2010

Meet our new hires

I am glad to welcome four new team members to our winning team:

First and second
, meet Marti, who came together with Danni Friedland, our new Ruby Master. While Danni is responsible for taking Marti out AND coding, Marti takes care of our basic need: she reminds us that there's life outside the office, and pee out of the box.

Third, I am welcoming Jonathan Bergman, our new Senior Ninja who absolutely loves pizza and knows everything you don't.

And last, but not least
, after a grueling interview process for the perfect new admin, we finally came across Rachel Adelman. Originally from Harrisburg, PA (we are also wondering where that is), Rachel found her way to Israel in 2000 for what was suppose to be a one year gap program. One year turned into two and then three and now ten years later she is still here. She has always dreamed of making a difference in the world, so we are going to help her realize that dream one gift at a time.

They all joined us right in the middle of bugzilla.
Until the next hire, madness and good luck!

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