Oct 30, 2010

Why Add Group Gifts to Your Ecommerce Site?

Why to incorporate Group Gifts into your business, and what's in it for you?

Group Gifts: The Social way of Gifting

The basic idea behind Group Gifting allows friends and family to join forces and get a real nice gift for someone special efficiently and effortless. Sounds like fun if you make it easy and seem-less, like we do.

But there is much more to this nearly divine experience if your business is retailing, even if you don't have hundreds of product categories. When you look on the benefits to the online retailer or any e-commerce website, you get to see the big picture behind a social Group Gifting Platform combined with Facebook Connect. Let's review together what comes out of it:

Sell more pricey goodies

First, when a single person shops for a graduation gift, he is likely to spend a limited amount of $ on a gift (say about $30-50), however, group gifting immediately transforms this amount to a much bigger significant gift (about $150-200), an up-sale of at least 300%!

Bring users’ social graph into shopping
Second, how rare is that: a consumer shops on your site, and then using Facebook Connect, he fetches his social graph and brings it directly to your site in order to pitch in her friend's Birthday gift. Just think how much value is that...

Pump up engagement on your site

Third, those friends who come together on your site and meet for a Group Gifting occasion, they play around with it, and chat, send emails, invitations, tweets, newsfeeds, likes, and all of this about your merchandise. If you were thinking how to boost the engagement on your site... here's how.

Boost up-to-date targeted traffic
Fourth, if you feel your audience is getting older, or less "in", this is your chance to pump up your new targeted audience. They come younger, more involved, and want to shop, socially!

Personalized Gift Suggestions

Five, at times when people are eager to buy gifts, especially during holidays season, they come to your website and look through your gifting suggestions, your wizards, your gifts store, and if there is nothing unique to offer, they leave. Sad.

Working with large online retailers and marketplaces in the world, The Gifts Project analyzes millions of products. Today, you can leverage your shoppers' buying experience based on their personal likes, interests and hobbies using their permissions. This information is available to you, just come and get it.

Make your Brand more Social

Last but not least, when you incorporate Group Gifting into your website, you weave together your brand experience with social buying. Your brand becomes irresistible in its uniqueness, coolness, and appeal. You redefine communication through your customers' social buying experience.
Close-up of a Christmas present

When combining Group Gifts with Holidays, Gifts and Events sites, adding wishlists, registries and wedding services, the social experience of shopping on your site becomes irresistible.

We work with retailers to redefine social commerce through innovation and help them leverage their shoppers’ group gifting experience. It may sound easy at first, but once you get to know this business, you learn to overcome many challenges including scaling, connectivity, security, and yet remain user friendly, simple and fun. That's what we do.

Find us and say hi@giftsproject.com. We do it for you.

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