Feb 3, 2011

An excerpt from The Office Manager Diaries.

Imagine this. It is a Sunday morning and pouring rain on Rothchild Blvd. The CEO of The Gifts Project is minding his own business as he rides his bike to work. Just as he is about to cross a crosswalk on green, a car comes out of nowhere and practically runs him over. In Israel, while the right of way is technically for pedestrians and cyclists, the rule of the land for drivers is survival of the fittest. In a brave attempt to save his life, the CEO swerves to the right and then to the left and then finds himself flat on the ground, using his left arm to break the fall. The arm certainly did a good job, because the fall isn’t the only thing it broke.

It is no secret that when men are sick or hurt themselves, they do not ask for help. They prefer to suffer in silence, making faces that convey their excruciating pain, yet communicate that they don’t need your help. So for the first few hours of the day, after he fell off his bike, our brave CEO continued his day, business as usual, making faces that convey his excruciating pain, yet sat in silence.

That same evening we were scheduled for a company movie night. We had no intention of changing our plans, as hey, it was just a broken arm and yes, he went to the doctor and took care of it. The night started out well with us drinking a shot of Jameson to health and supersizing the small popcorn that we received for free with our tickets. In addition, we had great seats thanks to my new favorite website Cinema Sitter.

For all intents and purposes it look like it was going to be a great evening- the perfect seats, whisky to warm us up before going into the cold movie theater and enough popcorn to get us at least half way through the movie. Unfortunately the movie, Season of the Witch was by far the worst movie I have ever seen in my life. While I did have help picking out the movie, I will take full responsibility on this one. Wow- no words to describe how bad it was. Just DON’T go see this movie!

Looks like we will have to go to the movies in the next few weeks to make up for our bad experience.

So I leave you with three closing thoughts/questions.

  1. Please be in touch with us if you have any information regarding the reckless driver that tried to kill Ron. The police have several leads that it may have been perpetrated by a rival company and we need help confirming this.
  2. Where can I find a site that gives accurate movie reviews, so I don’t end up taking the company to another terrible movie?
  3. What does a broken arm and a bad movie have in common?


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