Feb 23, 2011

The Gifts Project's Ron Gura is conquering eTail in the Palm Desert, CA

The cat is out of the sack, and Ron has finally made it to eTail West which is taking place this year in Palm Desert, California. After many sleepless hours and a very long flight, he can sense the desert in the air.

Ron is scheduled to meet with leading brands and gift oriented retailers who are intrigued by the opportunities in the Social ecommerce, but also curious to learn about the panelists, the exhibitors, the sessions and the buzz of the ecommerce industry.

Exciting as it can be, eTail is only one of the many stops we plan on taking this year. Last week you all could find Ron as a panelist on the amazing SeedCamp, led by Saul Klein of Index Ventures.

Our next stop is probably The Next Web Conference 2011 in Amsterdam, in April, followed by speaking at High Tech Industry Association Annual Conference 2011 in Jerusalem, on June 1st.

The biggest event of the year, at least for us, is the huge Internet Retailer Conference and Exhibition in San Diego on June 14-17 . On this special event, the Gifters come to California to teach people how to really give gifts.

Right after, Gura is flying to Germany to the International Gift Card Summit, Wiesbaden, Germany, on June 21st, where he will tell you more about the trends in the Social ecommerce and the opportunity this niche is opening for you. On his way back, Ron will make a stop in London for the Etail Europe on June 22nd and meet some folks for a tea.

So far, sounds busy to you? This tentative plan covers hardly the following 6 months, not including Shop.org and eTail East in Boston at the end of the summer.
Follow our blog and we will keep you posted with more news and events where you could meet us this year.

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