Jun 16, 2011

Our first day at IRCE 2011

This is it. It has been the most incredible fantastic day for the Gifters in San Diego. The Internet Retailer Conference turns out to be a huge success, not only because we can't talk or walk anymore, but also because we've talked with so many interesting companies, retailers (check out Cowbell.com!!!), stores, and marketplaces that couldn't let the day pass without having our Group Gifts Plugin.
Right after finishing the installation of our gigantic gift, people started pouring in the hall, and we could hardly have a word with each other between the demos.
The next challenge was to get rid of all the tiny gift boxes we brought with us.
Those boxes with a branded chocolate coin in it were all hand made by all team players who decided to sacrifice their time, and make perfect little gifts.

The last thing we did today was to sit around a table and split between us all the business cards and customer forms so each one of us could finish up his share of follow ups tonight. Tomorrow should be a long day, and i should probably hit the road and start answering some customer inquiries...

I don't know how was your day today, but mine was definitely one of the best, if not THE....
See you tomorrow. Come and visit us at #137. You can't miss it. It's huge and it's yellow.


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