Sep 8, 2011

eBay Inc. Acquires The Gifts Project

Dear Gifters,

We have very exciting news to share with you today - The Gifts Project has been acquired by eBay and is ready to take this partnership to the next level.

This has been a remarkable year for The Gifts Project, and we believe this is a big win. Not just for the team and our amazing investors, but also for the state of Israel.

Going forward, eBay plans to transition the Gifts Project into eBay’s Israel Social Center and focus on building social shopping platforms and product features for eBay Marketplaces. We’ll be recruiting additional ninja developers with rock-star capabilities and keep operating from our Tel-Aviv hideout to maintain the same culture of innovation and challenge.

Not only will eBay’s immense network of buyers and sellers allow us to offer the benefits of social commerce to millions of people worldwide, but it will also help us achieve our mission of getting people the gifts they really deserve, allowing friends and family to chip-in for each other’s gifts. Our goal remains as it always was: to make you happy on your special occasion.

With eBay Group Gifts, eBay was the first partner to adopt our Group Gifting Platform and our expertise in social commerce (with the visionary Senior Director Amit Menipaz as the project’s lead). Joining eBay gives us the opportunity to expose our platforms to even more people and focus on cracking the social commerce secret sauce once and for all. The way we see it, most of e-commerce will soon become Social Commerce, and we will strive to reach our full potential of combined efforts to produce outstanding social experiences for larger audiences and create things that will blow your mind.

With all the excitement, we want to take a moment and thank you, beloved group-gifters. We offer our most sincere thanks to everyone that purchased Group Gifts through our platform, sent us feedback, or even just looked at us knowingly. You're the absolute best, you are the reason we do what we do and we thank you for all the time and insights you’ve contributed. It is because of you we all got bigger, better gifts.

Finally, we’d like to thank all of our investors and advisers, especially Dr. Yossi Vardi (a.k.a the lead machine) for believing in us, Gemini’s Yossi Sela & Gil Dibner for being supportive and helpful all along, Index’s Saul Klein for his ongoing priceless advice and Eyal Gura who has always been our very first mentor and hero.

If you have any questions or comments, please don’t hesitate to say or check eBay’s announcement from earlier today.

Rock on,
Ron, Erez, Matan, Maya and The Gifts Project Team


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